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Post Mount from FenceClip

The Post Mount is a magnetic camera mount capable of strong physical attachment to a Steel Post. This elegant clamp is a significant step forward in every regard.

The Post Mount is a Spindle, four Link Arms, Lugs, and Magnets.

We added a Positioning Arm to allow you to flexibly position a camera for a perfect view through the fence.

The setup as provided in the kit is optimized for small cameras. However, the 20 lb magnets can be removed and replaced with 50lb magnets.  The Post Mount is already sized and threaded for 4x 50lb. magnets with 1/4-20 threaded mount points visible in the middle of Link Arms.

The Link Arms also include an open threaded hole at the end of the arm so kits can be extended.  You can have a chain of magnets all the way around a post. 

The 20 lb magnets included with the kit are perfect for filming baseball with a camera that weighs less than one pound.  This pocket size device has strength to spare.

The Spindle is loaded with 1/4-20 and 5mm threads providing additional mount points.  As an example you can add a second Positioning Arm.

We're providing three basic options, Cell Phone, 1/4-20, and Action Camera.

Some fields have new or freshly painted posts.  The Post Mount Magnets have a metal frame, don’t slide them around on the post, they can leave scratches.  The magnets are strong enough to work well with a thin piece of plastic between the magnet and the post.  There are some included with your kit. You will lose some strength but its still plenty strong for a small camera and you will protect the post.  Always use the Safety Tether. Use Care. Leave no marks.  The magnets are 20 mm dia. Lots of padding options available on the internet.

Get Great Game Film.

More Details and Instructions here:

Feedback and Photos related to your experience with this product is very valuable.

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Post Mount available in the Store.

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