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Stainless Q20 to Action Camera

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

One Piece Stainless Steel Quarter Twenty to Action Camera Adapter

Quarter 20 to Action Camera Adapter. This is a Two Tang Action Camera to ¼-20 Male Thread Adapter. The Kit includes the Jam Nut. This connector is Extremely Strong, and still Flexible enough to lock up Really Tight. This is the first one piece stainless steel adapter of it's kind.

We have a decade of experience developing metal camera adapters. These adapters look different than other metal action camera adapters because they are different. Our solid metal adapters lock up tight, ready for battle. The longer thinner tines deliver the strength of metal and still provide the flexibility required to be able to lock everything down with a thumb screw.

Part of our charter is to facilitate the flexible use of different cameras and phones. An adapter like this allows an old mount to support a new camera or cellphone, extending its life. One more trick in the bag for Photographers.

We manufacture stainless steel thumb screws that deliver a reliable solid grip for tightening. This equipment is well tested, precise, and locks up tight. I put these parts together to demonstrate one more gambit for ultimate lock up strength on action camera connections.

If you need an even tighter connection than possible with a thumb screw we recommend an Allen Screw/Wrench Combination. You can get this little screw 10x tighter than the thumb screws. The connection in this photo includes parts from the Metal Mount Kit, a lock washer and a washer and its locked up really tight. This connection will not move until you intentionally move it. Stand on it Strong.

The Executive Allen Wrench fits the M5 Allen Screw

The Combination Wrench fits everything else.

Metal Mount Kit

The Allen Wrench also fits in a cross drilled hole on the mini screw (the smallest of the thumb screws shown above). You can torque that screw 10x tighter as well.

Here's the Stainless Q20 Adapter and Collar Mount providing a full metal mounting solution for a Mevo Start. The Start is a multi-camera live streaming solution and it offers a lot of advantages in that regard. The camera is capable, inexpensive, and easy to use. As a result the Start has been adopted for use in a wide range of scenarios. This is an optional metal mounting solution for the Start.

The Adapter fits equally well at the cameras primary mount point. The principle advantage provided by the Collar Mount is that it allows you to slide the mount forward or back on the camera. Plus its solid metal.

The Q20 Adapter will also facilitate a full metal cell phone for action camera replacement. We have nice metal cell phone, and tablet mounts in the store.

This equipment is battle tested, precise, and beautifully finished. Our adapters lock up tight. The best cameras all have metal mounting solutions. There are no high end plastic camera mounts.

The aftermarket mount industry is still selling plastic mounts. They must have container ships full of those plastic parts. Most of the metal mounts that aftermarket manufacturers developed for action cameras did not work. If you’ve tried them, you know what I'm talking about. If you haven’t tried them, I hope to save you the disappointment. They are poorly designed and so stiff there is no way to get them tight with a thumb screw. They don’t lock up. As a result they are worse than the plastic mounts.

Our gear locks up extremely tight. All metal and better by design. More precise. The parts are 10x stronger. The parts are smaller (unless intentionally made larger). Fit and Finish is Perfect. And finally, the parts don’t break.

All of the equipment shown in the photos is available here.

1000 Year Screws

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