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10x Button Head Blacked Out Steel Screws and Custom Wrench Kit

10x Button Head Blacked Out Steel Screws and Custom Wrench Kit


These screws lock up 10x tighter than the thumb screws. Really strong. More secure.


Ten Button Head Black Steel GoPro Allen Screws.Custom Stubby Tool Steel Allen Wrench.


This is the Black Out Kit.  The Screws are class 12.9 steel black oxide finish and they are beautiful.  


For connections that you continuously tune thumb screws are great.  For connections that you dont change its awesome to be able to lock them up with one of these little allen screws.  Everything is smaller and lighter and locked up tighter.


As an alternative to thumb screws we’ve packaged “Fastener and Wrench Kits” for GoPro that provide a custom wrench with high quality fasteners to enable the lightest and most secure setups possible. 


This purpose-built T-handle speed wrench has a rubber handle, tool steel business end, and is sized to fit conveniently in your camera bag, bike bag, or pocket.  The wrench is custom made to the highest quality standards.   The steel screws provide the ultimate strength and reliability.  The threads are standard GoPro to work anywhere a GoPro fastener works.  The bottom line is lighter, tighter setups.  

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