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Ball and Socket Kit

Ball and Socket Kit


A ball and socket kit provides flexible, smooth, and precise camera positioning.  This kit also delivers the flexibility required to support a second camera from a single FenceClip and provide both cameras with a perfect view through the fence. 


This kit includes the Ball and Socket, and a GoPro Key, all anodized black. 


The kit includes three custom one-piece stainless steel mini screws, along with one of our one piece sculpted stainless steel full size screws.  Four screws in total.


All of the parts are beautiful.  The finish is excellent.


Lastly the kit includes a T-Handle speed wrench and five black button head allen screws.  These fastener and wrench kits are great to have when space or weight are a consideration  You can also tighten these fasteners many times tighter than a thumb screw.  If there are fasteners in your setup that do not need adjustment, you can replace the thumb screw with an allen screw and lock it up tight. 


This kit is not for everyone.  Most filming does not require ball and socket style control.  It adds complexity.  Reasons you might consider this kit include more precise positional control, running multiple cameras on a single mount, odd fencing or barrier considerations, or custom camera mounts.  If your filming includes complexities like these, the ball kit may be for you.

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