CellPhone Fence Mount

CellPhone Fence Mount


If you’re interested in attaching your cell phone to a chain link fence check out this Rig!  This is an upgrade for Cell Phone Action Photographers compared to anything we’ve offered previously. 


This Kit is designed for Cell Phones right out of the Gate.  No Action Camera legacy, no adapters required, we built this kit to support Cell Phone Users specifically and everything you need is included.


All Metal Construction with no plastic parts.  Plastic parts can break on the backstop.  Metal parts never break.  This setup is Rock Solid.


We selected the Highest Quality Ulanzi Cell Phone Mount.  We tested them all and this is the best one.  No compromise.  We pass this part through at our cost.  This adapter fits cell phones from 2.6 inches wide to 4.25 inches wide.  


This cell phone focused approach allows us to offer this higher quality setup at a lower price.  This setup includes the FenceClip V6, the Positioning Arm, and the Cell Phone Adapter.  All metal, turn-key.  We're excited to bring this solution to market


    Buy with confidence.  If you are not completely satisfied with the fenceclip you can return it for a full refund.

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We’re making it easy to get great game video through a chain link fence.  Each fence clip is built to provide reliable performance and durability.  We believe you will enjoy this product and we offer our continued support for the life of the product. Support@TheFenceClip.com   310.658.0922

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