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White Glove Repair Service

White Glove Repair Service


We're doing Professional Fenceclip repair.  The repair is fast and complete with thorough inspection and quality replacement parts.   You can expect expert assembly, loctite, lube, and clean.  Your FenceClip will work like New.


Purchase this service and send your FenceClip here:


EL SEGUNDO CA 90245-4054


We will get your FenceClip working like new and return it to you.



We have Clients who enjoy this white glove service but you can also repair your own FenceClip.  The parts are available under the 'CoolScrews&Parts' tab on the FenceClip website. 


Many Companies don’t want you to fix their product. We believe in Customers Right to Repair. It's fundamental at FenceClip.


We use Open Standard Components to deliver Customer Modifiable and Customer Repairable Equipment. This equipment is intended to be easily repairable forever.


We provide component parts that allow customers to repair and modify FenceClip Products. Customers use our parts to switch camera solutions and integrate with other industry standard components.


Subscribe to the FenceClip YouTube Channel for additional repair and usage guidance.


/ @fenceclip1498

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