Hive Case

Hive Case


The Hive Case represents a new category of Equipment Case, unlike the Hard Cases or Soft Cases typically available.


We took the best features from both types of case and engineered several new features to achieve this new case.  With the Hive Case we deliver foam padding on all sides completely protecting your camera gear. We engineered linkable reusable foam components that allow unlimited re-configuration capabilities.  With Hive we’re providing maximum usable space with better protection than previously available. 


This case will protect your equipment, keep it clean, and make it easier for you to get to the field with your camera ready to film


Quality – The Hive Case is manufactured from the best materials available. All case materials, foam, zippers, seams, fabric, trim.


Case Design – The color is black with blacked out zippers and mesh, the finish is smooth and tacky; you can grip it. The case is water resistant. The formed case halves feature a hexagon pattern raised on the surface of the case. The hex-pattern gives the case a tactile feel.  The Case is waterproof Multi-layer Polyurethane (PU) composite over a flexible nylon fabric. The Hive Case is larger than a typical soft case.


The Hive Case is a new case approach with a number of new features that make it more usable, provide better protection, be more flexible, last longer, and work better. 


Foam – The Hive Core Foam is High Density. High Density Foam is Heavy and Soft. The foam feels soft and compliant with an excellent elasticity for camera sized equipment. High-density foam is durable and long-lasting. 

The Legend Foam and the Base Foam are even more-dense closer to rubber, EVA Foam. EVA Foam is similar to an exercise mat and designed to be resilient. These are the highest quality case foams available.


Protection – This case provides a protective layer of foam all the way around your camera. Engineered protection on the Top, Bottom, and Sides. The top layer of foam (Legend) serves as the template to reconfigure the foam core and also separates your camera equipment from the items in the zippered compartment. The Base Layer protects the bottom of your camera gear. Camera gear is 100% surrounded in foam. 

Zippered Compartment –The zippered compartment is the best feature of soft cases and is included in the Hive. The Hive Zippered Pouch is Heavy Duty Polyester Mesh with a high-quality Zipper and 2x Seams. This is a great place for batteries, cables, phone, snack bar cash.


Size – This case is 11 x 7.5 x 3.5 inches. About the size of a football. This case is larger than our last case. Customers want to carry fenceclips assembled with cameras to the field in one piece so we built a bigger case. This case is large enough to easily accommodate FenceClip + Camera. Plus an extra Camera. Plus Batteries, Cables, Phone, Keys, most anything you need at the field.


Composable Foam Core - the re-usable hexagon-based interlocking foam core can be configured and re-configured for different cameras. The case can be tuned for a perfect fit. After fifty reconfigurations everything still looks and works like new. This is new functionality in foam core cases.  


Fit – You can be confident of achieving a perfect fit for your gear with the Hive interlocking case components and legend. This case fits everything. We include two major compartments and two smaller compartments. All compartments are filled with re-usable interlocking foam components.


Remove only the foam inserts required to fit your equipment. Store extra foam parts in a ziplock bag. If you want to make changes, use the Legend to re-install the foam components and start anew. The Legend allows you to reassemble and re-configure your case for any camera.


Useful Life – The flexibility of the Hive Case and the Quality of the components serves to extend the useful life as you configure and re-configure for successive generations of camera. A camera may get outdated but your case can be configured to support your next camera.  This may be the last case you ever buy.