Mini and Hive Case

Mini and Hive Case


This is the Pro Kit! 


The mini and the Hive Case are made for each other and this kit includes both.  This is our best FenceClip and our best Case at our best Price.


The mini is a completely new design, our smallest ever, smaller than a single cell in a fence.  The chassis and piston design includes spring-assisted installation and a powerful locking feature. 


The installation of the mini on a fence is intuitive.  The mini securely connects to a chain-link fence in seconds making it easy to Film Baseball and Softball games or any other event filmed through a chain link fence.


With the Hive Case we deliver foam padding on all sides completely protecting your camera gear. We engineered linkable reusable foam components that allow unlimited re-configuration capabilities.


The zippered compartment enables “One Case for Everything”.  With Hive we’re providing maximum usable space with better protection than previously available. The Hive Case provides water resistant molded case halves that keep equipment dry in all but the most extreme situations.


Your camera equipment is safe in this case. This case will protect your equipment, keep it clean, and make it easier for you to get to the field with your camera ready to film.