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Mini Wire for Heavy Duty

Mini Wire for Heavy Duty


The Mini Wire


We developed a new smaller frame for the Heavy Duty called the Mini Wire as shown in the first photo.  The Mini Wire is developed to connect tightly on a single cell of the fence and it makes the Heavy Duty three inches shorter. 


With the Mini Wire; the Heavy Duty is comparably sized to the Mini.  Plus it has all of those threaded mounting holes available.  This flexibility allows Heavy Duty users the opportunity to tune their setup. 


If you have a Heavy Duty you can connect over two cells in a fence, or a single cell in the fence.  This wire will be exactly like your current setup on a single cell, with the advantage that the whole rig will fit in your pocket.    


This Heavy Duty Configuration with the Mini Wire is Rock Solid. 


The Mini Wire is quick to install. 

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