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Pinned Torx Screws and Driver

Pinned Torx Screws and Driver


Pinned Torx Screws for Security.  This Kit will make it very difficult to get a FenceClip off a fence without the included security driver. 

Included are six standard sized M5 x 20mm Stainless Steel screws to replace the ThumbScrews and Allen Screws in your FenceClip setup.  Also included is a high-quality hardened tool steel 1/4" Hex Shank T25 Torx Security Screwdriver Bit.


Qty 6 Screws

Qty 1 Security Bit


With this kit you can securely clamp your FenceClip to a fence.  The Original Thumbscrews are great for speed.  If you need a little more security, Allen Screws are the way to go.  This Kit with the pinned fasteners and special driver is our most secure setup. 


This Kit makes your FenceClip resistant to tampering.  This screw kit is one element of an overall approach to security.  Consider your camera case in your security thinking. 


This screw and driver kit includes standard gopro sized fasteners capable of replacing any gopro thumbscrew in any application where security is a concern. 

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