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Pro Key

Pro Key


The Pro Key.  This is our latest Quarter 20 to GoPro Style Adapter.  You may notice a difference between this FenceClip original and any other gopro style adapter you’ve seen before. This adapter has only one groove.  This isn’t just better, its way better! Your camera locks up quick and tight.


Machined from aircraft quality aluminum and anodized black this finely finished part provides reliable long-term use. The Pro Key is small but we fit as much functionality into this part as possible. Both ¼-20 and 5 mm threads in the base allow you to attach to anything. The reduction of one groove eliminates the spring force that resists the initial tightening of the screw so everything locks up tight right away.  You use this part just like any other gopro style adapter. It just locks up faster and tighter. We're making it easy.


This is for the Pro Key only.  The screw, camera, and fenceclip in the photos are there to show function.

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