Tiny Screw

Tiny Screw


Tiny but Mighty.  The Tiny Screw fits anywhere a standard GoPro screw will fit and provides a solid gripping surface in a compact package.  This screw makes your whole setup tighter and more compact.  This is my go to screw for connecting two GoPro components.  This screw fits nicely under the camera case of a GoPro Camera. The Tiny Screw is a high quality thumbscrew for GoPro. This is an elegant and high quality screw and it looks cool. The Tiny Screw is the smallest member of a family of brass screws for GoPro.



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We’re making it easy to get great game video through a chain link fence.  Each fence clip is built to provide reliable performance and durability.  We believe you will enjoy this product and we offer our continued support for the life of the product. Support@TheFenceClip.com   310.658.0922

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