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Additional Details on FenceClip V6 Limited Edition

The Fence Clip V6 is professional camera equipment capable of strong mechanical attachment to a chain link fence. The clip is fast and easy to attach and provides a secure connection point for cameras and phones. The fence clip is excellent for streaming or recording a baseball or softball game through a chain-link fence. You can easily and securely mount your camera with the Fence Clip.

The clip precisely engages with two parallel wires of the fence. A thumb screw locks the clip in place. The connection is very solid.

The fence clip is small; It fits in your pocket.

The fence clip will fit fences of any size opening.

The fence clip is manufactured from the highest quality materials, crafted for usability and durability.  The FenceClip is rock solid.


Since inception we have made six upgrades to the FenceClip and we currently offer the FenceClip V6 to our customers.  We’ve built and shipped a record number of FenceClips.  This list includes the improvements, and updates included with the V6 FenceClip.

Generation 3 Screws – replaced the generation two screws.  The G3 is a Larger more Elegant Screw.  Stainless Steel Threads with a Brass Knob.  Contoured Sides and Crown.  This is a 500 Year Screw​

Blacked Out Allen Head Fasteners – Replaced the stainless steel button head screws.  The new Screws are class 12.9 steel black oxide finish and they are beautiful.  The stainless screws were nice but the black screws looked so cool that it was an easy change.​

Intellectual Property – On July 4, 2017 FenceClip was granted Utility Patent US 9,696,610 B2.  We continuously work to improve the FenceClip and make it more useful. 

More pictures of the new equipment are available on the FenceClip Facebook Page @ great.game.video - link at the bottom of the page.

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