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Post Mount from FenceClip

The Post Mount is a magnetic camera mount capable of strong physical attachment to a Steel Post.  The Positioning Arm allows you to flexibly position any camera for a perfect view through the fence. 


Heres how to get started:

01 Install your Camera on the Post Mount

02 Install the Post Mount on the post

03 Start Filming


01 Install your Camera on the Post Mount. 

The Post Mount comes configured to support your device.  Cell Phone, Action Camera, and ¼-20 mounts are available.  Get comfortable with this connection at home before you go to the field.  Lock your device up tight.  You can update the connection to attach different cameras.























































02 Install the Post Mount on the Post.

Loosen the top and bottom indexable lugs so the arms are free to move.  The lugs are indexable so you can set them to tighten in precisely the right spot.  Gently roll the Post Mount onto the post so all four magnets are engaged perpendicular to the post.  The magnets want to align in this manner.  Some light wiggling of the post mount allows the magnets to settle.  Lock down the top and bottom lugs. 

Once the Post Mount is secure on the post use the Positioning Arm to position the camera precisely in the middle of an opening in the fence or net.  Don’t settle for any fence in your shot.  The closer the camera is positioned to the post the more secure the setup. 


The easiest way to remove the Post Mount from the post is to peel it off from one corner, one magnet at a time.  Sliding the Post Mount around on the post can scratch the surface of the post.  At some fields it doesn’t matter, but at some fields it does.  Take pride in doing no damage, not leaving a mark.  There are thin plastic shields included with your kit that stick on the magnets to protect the post.  You lose some magnet strength with the shields but its still plenty strong for a small camera. 

The safe use of this product is the responsibility of the user.  Always use a safety tether. 














03 Start Filming

Filming is easy; you start by simply pushing the button and recording a game.  You will develop your own approach and preferences.  I’ve included some of my notes to get you started. 

Charge your batteries – it’s good to have a backup.

Clear your SIM card – it’s good to have a backup.

Install your camera on your Post Mount at home, get a feel for the equipment.

Install applications and test connectivity, remote control, streaming, etc. Any electronics or software that you plan to use at the field, verify that it is operating properly at home first. – test everything

Get organized before game day - gather everything you need to film in one place ready to go. It’s good to have a specific bag or case to keep your camera equipment organized.

No Plastic Parts between the camera and the net/fence – Plastic parts break. Metal parts never break.

Purchase the Support Plan on your Camera.

Use a Camera Case – Cameras in a case are tougher.

Select a safe setup on the fence away from crowds, consider safety first.

Use a Safety Tether for a redundant secure connection to the fence.

Bring cables to charge all of your equipment, Cell Phone, Camera, Batteries.

Get to the game early; camera on the fence before the game starts.

Modify or expand this list to suit your needs.

Enjoy the game, you’re ready.


Experiment with all of the settings on your camera. Use the Camera App from your cell phone to make adjustments between batters. You can sit in the stands and experiment with the camera settings the whole game. Sometimes between pitches. If you film two games like that you will know exactly where you get the best results.


Consider professional photographers on a shoot. They show up with camera equipment organized, tested, and 100% ready to go. They arrive at the location knowing they have everything they need. You can do the same thing. Get Great Game Film.

1 post mount cell phone IMG_0530.HEIC
1 post gopro IMG_7367.JPG
1 mevo post IMG_7360.JPG

Safety Notes:

Magnets work great until they don’t.  When they fail they can release completely from the attachment point. We’ve taken several steps to protect cameras.  The Post Mount is 10x stronger than required to support an action camera.  This greatly reduces the chances of the magnets coming off the post.  The geometry of the Post Mount positions the magnets perpendicular to the post, combining the strength of the four magnets.  Finally, we include a safety tether with this mount so there is a second separate connection to the fence so that even if the mount fails your camera never hits the ground.

Do no damage. Leave no marks.  Some fields have new or freshly painted posts.  The Post Mount Magnets have a metal frame, don’t slide them around on the post, they can leave scratches.  The magnets are strong enough to work well with a thin piece of plastic between the magnet and the post.  There are some included with your kit sized for a 20 mm round magnet.  You will lose some strength but its still plenty strong and you will protect the post.  Always use the Safety Tether.

Design Notes:
The Post Mount is a Spindle and four Link Arms.  Positioning Arms can be added with different Mount Options.  The setup as provided in the kit is optimized for small cameras.  The 20 lb magnets can be removed and replaced by 50lb magnets.  The Post Mount is already sized and threaded for 4x 50lb. magnets.  The 1/4-20 threaded mount points are visible in the middle of the Link Arms.
The Link Arms also include an open threaded hole at the end of the arm so kits can be extended.  You can have a chain of magnets all the way around a post.  The 20 lb magnets included with the kit are perfect for filming baseball with a camera that weighs less than one pound.  This pocket size device has strength to spare.

The Spindle is loaded with 1/4-20 and 5mm threads providing additional mount points.  As an example you can add a second Positioning Arm.

This page is serving as instructions in the use of the Post Mount until we have instructions printed.  

50 lb magnet 4 pack.  About $20.  There may be better sources.  
Amazon - MUTUACTOR 4Pack Super Powerful Round Cup Magnet with 1/4''-20 Male Threaded Stud, 
92lb Vertical Pull-Force Non-Shattering Neodymium Magnet with Nut and Washer 
for Lighting, Camera and Other Brackets.  That's 360 lb. of holding force.  Be careful with these.



Thin plastic shields can protect a delicate surface.  The Post Mount is designed for cameras weighing less than one pound.  The 4x 20 lb magnets provide  the safety factor.  Use care. 


Less than a pound. Fits in your pocket.


That perfect spot

between the gate

and the dugout.


Small Post, Big Post, Round Post, Square Post.  This device will attach to most any post from one inch in diameter to the largest posts.


Horizontal Post


Flat Surface - Strong Connection.  

You can scratch a finished surface if you slide the Post Mount around.  The magnets are steel.  Use care.  Leave no marks.

Some surfaces are new or freshly painted.  
The Post Mount Magnets have a metal frame, don’t slide them around on the post, 
they can leave scratches.  The magnets are strong enough to work well with a thin 
piece of plastic between the magnet and the post.  
There are some included with your kit.  The magnets are 20 mm dia.  Lots of options on the internet.  You will lose some strength but its still plenty strong and you will protect the post.  

Always use the Safety Tether.
Do no damage. Leave no marks.


We delivered a lot of Post Mounts and we've received a great deal of positive feedback.  We've seen the Post Mount in situations we hadn't even considered and its working extremely well, like in this photo on a cable.  We're always grateful for feedback and photos from Clients.  Buy with Confidence.  Don't forget to send us a photo!

post mount customer 1.jpg
customer photo3.jpg
post mount customer2.HEIC
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