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Hit Curator AI

An Artificial Intelligence for identifying Highlights. 

AI1 interface experimental.JPG


Strictly Experimental.  The Hit Curator AI combs game video for hitting highlights.  If you have hours of baseball and softball games and you would like to curate highlights from your game film this is for you.  We’re leveraging Artificial Intelligence to provide unattended review of the game film on your computer, pull out the highlights, and present the results.


Hit Curator AI will run against all of the video in a directory and create a list of Hitting Highlights.  You can edit the list of highlights (it’s not perfect) and write your new hitting highlight video to file.  You may find plays you don’t remember.




  • Start it in a small directory of files.

  • We are exploring the limitations of the AI

  • The HIT Curator has to open each file, evaluate the game film, and write the highlights. 

  • On a large directory of files this is a lot of work.  Set it and forget it.


This is just the beginning.  We're planning additional functionality.  We're working on this because we think it will save our customers many hours of time reviewing video and be a valuable tool for anyone recording and producing baseball and softball games.   We hope you take this journey with us.


Private use only.  This software is not licensed for Commercial use.  Commercial customers contact FenceClip for details.  The Hit Curator AI is in the Store.  Download and install.  It's easy.

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AI4 instruction 2.JPG
AI3 Interface Instructions.JPG
AI5 instruction.JPG
AI6 Clean.JPG
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