FenceClip mini

New Design – The mini is our newest design, our smallest ever, smaller than a single cell in a fence.  The chassis and piston design includes spring-assisted installation and a powerful locking feature.  The installation of the mini on a fence is intuitive.  The mini securely connects to a chain-link fence in seconds making it easy to Film Baseball and Softball games or any other event filmed through a chain link fence.

Smaller – small enough to fit within a single cell of a chain link fence.  The mini + camera fits nicely in your jacket pocket. 

Lighter - Weighs 6 oz as shipped.  Light, small camera setups, 10 oz. total with GoPro camera attached.

Faster – Spring assisted installation.  On and off the fence in seconds.

More Secure – The device locks up tight.  The mini is extremely secure.  The GT Lug provides 3x the torque of a standard screw making it easy to lock the mini in place. 

Largest grooves – This little crocodile has the deepest and widest wire grooves of any FenceClip. The mini clamps securely to any diameter fence wire. 

Most complete camera adapter. – 2x5mm slots, ¼ inch slot, ¼-20 threaded hole, 5mm threaded hole, and more.  Longer slots, easier to adjust.

More adjustability, More options – The face of the chassis includes a precision edge that makes it easy to locate the camera adapter precisely at 45 degrees.  The ledge also makes it easy to locate the camera adapter more easily at the extents of its travel.  

One piece stainless steel screws –These screws are sculpted from stainless steel billet.  These gorgeous screws are our best and most reliable Thumbscrews. 

Durability - Aluminum machined from billet and anodized black.  Stainless steel screws.  Brass brake shoe.  This is a solid, well built, smooth operating device that will last a long time.  

Tactile feel – The new design provides a large thumb detent in the bottom of the chassis with grooves on every side for ready grip.  The whole device is smooth and solid and feels good in your hand.  This is professional equipment. 

Compatible – FenceClip mini is compatible with all of the adapters available in the store and works well with any gopro-style gear.

Safety Tether – Generation 3 Safety Tether included with the mini.  This reliable secondary connection to the fence ensures your camera never hits the ground.  Always use a safety tether.

Fit and Finish – The pictures tell the story better than I ever could.  Every part is perfect. 

Mini Kit Includes – Stuff sack for mini + camera.  Slightly larger than a typical stuff sack designed to fit our gear plus your camera.

Mini Kit Includes – micro fiber wipe.  Keeps your camera gear clean.

This elegant clamp is a significant step forward in every regard.  The mini is available in the store.  Get yours now.

The FenceClip V6 is a proven, durable clamp and we’re continuing development and production on the line.  Both lines of FenceClips are in stock. 

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We’re making it easy to get great game video through a chain link fence.  Each fence clip is built to provide reliable performance and durability.  We believe you will enjoy this product and we offer our continued support for the life of the product. Support@TheFenceClip.com   310.658.0922

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