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This elegant solution is a significant step forward in every regard for filming from a Net Backstop.  We’re very proud of our high strength Camera Clamps but we think the NetCam may change everything.  This solution works on Net Backstops, and equally well on Chain Link Fence.  This is the worlds first Camera Hanger for Net and Fence!


As unique as the NetCam is, you are also unique.  You are a Sports Action Photographer interested in capturing video others can’t get.  To do so you are using new tools that allow you to attach an action camera to Net and Chain Link Backstops. 


Some steps you can take to protect your camera. 


•No Plastic Parts between the camera and the net/fence – Plastic parts break.  Metal parts never break.

•Purchase the Support Plan on your Camera – your vendor wants to support you. 

•Use a Camera Case – Cameras in a case are tougher.  When I get a new camera, I take every precaution.  After a period of time and some experience, I get a little looser.   

•Use a Safety Tether – A camera hitting the concrete is generally a harder impact than the impact of the ball hitting the backstop.  Tether up!

•Be Defensive – Think about how to protect your camera while you think about getting the great shot. 


Its also important to protect the Net Backstop.  To this end the NetCam is made from mirror smooth stainless steel.  The NetCam is soft to hold, there’s not a sharp edge on it.  The NetCam is also very light at 8 ounces (That includes the Positioning Arm).  We’re interested in doing everything we can to protect Spectators and Players and protect the Net Backstop.  We’ve taken safety even further with NetCam.  To protect the net backstop we recommend cameras that weigh less than one pound.  The GoPro shown here is 4 oz.  Mevo Start is 8 oz.  Keep it light. 

2021 Update - We added a Bumper to the NetCam for 2021.  Check out the photos at the bottom of the page.  


Camera Hanger for Net and Fence with Mevo Start
FenceClip GoPro
FenceClip Camera Hanger for Net and Fence
FenceClip NetCam Instructions 1
Camera Hanger for Net and Fence
Mevo Start on FenceClip NetCam Instructions
FenceClip NetCam Instructions 4
FenceClip NetCam Filming Baseball from Chain Link Fence
NetCam Filming Baseball from Net Backstop
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