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NetCam is a significant step forward in every regard for filming from a Net Backstop.  Further, this solution works equally well on Chain Link Fence.  NetCam is the worlds first Camera Hanger for Net and Fence!


Sports Action Photographers interested in capturing baseball and softball video from Net or Chain Link Backstops have a valuable new tool.  


And now further refined with the release of the NetCam v2.  Below is a short list of Version 2  Improvements.

Precision – The whole device is more precise with cleaner bends and welds. We’re better at building them. The finish on all surfaces is smooth and shiny. The NetCam is Stainless Steel that will not tarnish. Clean with soap and water.

Mount Plate – The previous slot in the Mount Plate is replaced by a series of six precision drilled and chamfered holes. With the flexibility of the Positioning Arm the slot was unnecessary. Having six through holes provides plenty of space for the Positioning Arm and the Bungees with room left over for a second Positioning Arm, a Selfie Stick, and a Shade. The Mount Plate is beefy quarter inch thick stainless steel. The NetCam v2 is a highly reliable welded steel fence hanger.

Bumper - We introduced the Bumper in 2021 and it remains an integral part of the NetCam v2. The Bumper locks tight on the NetCam Frame further stiffening the entire device. This metal bumper is adjustable to best protect your camera. The Bumper also provides several 5mm threaded holes to support additional attachments above the camera.

Positioning Arm – The Positioning Arm is an integral part of the NetCam. The Positioning Arm recently completed a major upgrade. All Positioning Arm improvements are included in the NetCam. We replaced the thumb screw attachment with a Hex Nut-Lock Washer Connection. You want this connection tighter than a thumb screw can provide and that’s what we do. We lock this connection up tight.

Safety Tether – NetCam v2 includes a Safety Tether. The Safety Tether is a simple solution for attaching items securely to a Chain Link Fence. The Safety Tether includes a carabiner on each end with a short nylon strap between, a plastic anchor, 3M VHB tape, and a key ring. Safety Tethers provide a separate redundant system of attachment independent of the NetCam. The two systems of attachment ensure your camera equipment is as safe as possible.

Short Bungie - We developed a Bungee that is 1/3 the length of the original Bungie and twice as strong. This will further tighten everything up on the net/fence. While They Last these Short Bungees will come with NetCam. This is a second set of Bungees at no cost. We’re still shipping the original Bungees as well. You will have an option/backup.

Full Kit – This is a complete solution including Allen Wrench, Large Stuff Sack, and Instructions.

NetCam is designed to protect the Net Backstop. To this end the NetCam is made from mirror smooth stainless steel. The NetCam is soft to hold, there’s not a sharp edge on it. The NetCam is also very light at 8 ounces (that includes the Positioning Arm). The NetCam disappears on the net/fence. We’re doing everything we can to protect Spectators and Players and protect the Net Backstop.

To further protect the net backstop, we recommend cameras that weigh less than one pound. A GoPro is 4 oz. The Mevo Start is 8 oz. Keep it light. Use your Safety Tether.

NetCam v2 is shipping immediately.


We’re making it easy. We hope you enjoyed this update. Please share this post with your friends interested in streaming baseball and softball.


Some steps you can take to protect your camera. 


•No Plastic Parts between the camera and the net/fence – Plastic parts break.  Metal parts never break.

•Purchase the Support Plan on your Camera – your vendor wants to support you. 

•Use a Camera Case – Cameras in a case are tougher.  When I get a new camera, I take every precaution.  After a period of time and some experience, I loosen up.   

•Use a Safety Tether – A camera hitting the concrete is generally a harder impact than the impact of the ball hitting the backstop.  Tether up!

•Be Defensive – Think about how to protect your camera while you think about getting the great shot. 


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NetCam v2

NetCam Filming Baseball from Net Backstop
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FenceClip NetCam Filming Baseball from Chain Link Fence
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