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FenceClip Mini + GoPro Hero10 + Media Mod + ThunderBolt

I like my Hero10 better with the Media Mod. Even with the larger camera body of the Media Mod its still a small camera. I ThunderBolted this camera to a mini. This is a 100% metal fence mount video rig.

The Media Mod is well designed. The fit is nice and the buttons work perfectly. The whole thing is low profile and the screens are clear. The Ports and Shoe Mounts are nice. This functionality opens up a lot of use cases for Hero10.

Hero10 w Media Mod on a FenceClip Mini with a ThunderBolt. The whole setup is palm sized.

about the ThunderBolt

The ThunderBolt is an extra-Large one piece stainless steel action camera screw. The ThunderBolt fits nicely with the Hero10 Media Mod. The knob extends beyond the camera body providing a nice easy grip to lock this critical connection whereas the standard gopro screw gets lost under the Media Mod.

about the mini

The mini is a solid metal fence clamp that locks up tight. Easy to lock, easy to adjust. This is a solid, well built, smooth operating clamp that will provide reliable long term service.

Small, Light, and Fast. The whole setup shown here, (Mini, Camera, Battery, Cable, Tether) fits in a jacket pocket. Film all day.

The mini securely connects to a chain-link fence in seconds making it easy to Film Baseball and Softball games or any other event filmed through a chain link fence.

The installation of the mini on a fence is intuitive.

On and off the fence in seconds. Really Easy. (4K/60/Narrow, just catching the bags, this would film nice. My favorite functionality on the Hero10 is the Horizon Leveling. Pretty Cool. Nice Camera.)

With a large Thumb Detent in the bottom of the chassis and grooves on every side for ready grip the mini presents a tactile feel. The whole device is smooth and solid and feels good in your hand. This is professional equipment.

This is our recommended clamp for GoPro Cameras on Chain Link fence.

The Camera fits just as nicely on the mini without the Media Mod. There is enough space left for a Shade and a Fan.

Metal Mount Kit - in the Store

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1 Comment

Mar 08, 2022

Thank you for the fence clip products, they work great. FYI, the gopro 10 overheats after around 20 minutes of recording so it’s not really a good camera recommendation for our baseball/softball game scenario. I had to return mine and get an 8. I can do 4k 60 fps linear on a GoPro 8 in south florida heat for a 2 hour game without it shutting off but the GoPro 10 dies at 20 minutes. Even after the software updates people are still reporting overheating issues and I see other team parents with GoPro 9 and 10 run into overheating issues while at the game every weekend. GoPro admitted to the issue in this article and just said that most…

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