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Light Weight Stainless Friction Arm

Stainless Ball and Socket Positioning Kit. Stainless Steel Arms, Screws, and Nuts with Teflon Ball Joints complete the assembly. This elegant positioner looks cool and is capable of supporting any light object while providing excellent flexibility.

This is a unique device with distinct performance, look, and feel. The Teflon Connectors provide a friction fit on the precision stainless steel parts. The arm holds its shape nicely, while remaining easy to reposition. Push and pull as required for perfect positioning. You can assemble and disassemble the components and make custom configurations. With a firm pull/push the parts snap into position.

These stainless parts will last 1000 years. The Teflon parts have shown no sign of wear in testing but we include 3x spares to get you to the next Century. The Kit weighs just over one ounce and will elegantly position any object you can attach up to three ounces in weight. If you need more strength, gang them together. Everything is M5x.8 standard action camera threads and finished to perfection. Five Stainless Steel Parts, and Five Teflon Connectors are included in the Kit. They make a slick tag mount or price display. They can hold a small light or fan. Highest character components make a statement of quality.

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