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Little League World Series LLWS

Little League World Series Update:

Earlier this summer when teams were wrapping up their regular season there was a buzz around town about the 12u players. We were fortunate to see a game. The stands were packed. People hear about good teams and go see a game.

Fast forward to today, El Segundo Little League has been crowned US Champions. It was an amazing tournament playing really tough teams every step of the way. Yesterday El Segundo defeated a great team from Needville, Texas to capture the US Championship.

The Final Game is Today, 3 PM (ET) - AUGUST 27 on ABC. El Segundo is playing the International Champs from Curacao. This team beat teams from China, Mexico, Japan, and Canada to earn their spot in the finals.

That's the LLWS. All of these teams are amazing. Only one will remain. Check it out.

The normal updates are about products. This is all about Baseball. Thank You

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