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The Mevo Mini is Back

We continue to receive inquiries about the Mevo Mini so we’ve decided to re-introduce this premium fence mount on Amazon.  The Mevo Mini is a compact solid metal fence mount

designed specifically for the Mevo Start.  We’ve updated everything to our latest components and listed this little beauty on Amazon at our best possible price.  The positive reviews are appreciated! 


I started filming with the Mevo Plus in 2017.  I liked the streaming, and the software, and the cool camera controls.  FenceClip customers also started using the Mevo Plus.  The Mevo Start was introduced in 2020.  By then we were helping a lot of photographers’ film with Mevo Cameras.   Later that year the CEO of Mevo reached out to discuss partnering.

Introducing the Mevo Mini.

We worked with Max Haot and the Team at Mevo to develop and deliver the Mevo Mini.  The combination was an instant success.  Mevo listed the mini for sale on their website and sold tons of kits. 

In 2021 Mevo was acquired by Logitech.  We worked with the Mevo Team as we transitioned our partnership to Logitech and continued working together for a couple more years.  Logitech sold even more Mevo Minis, further establishing this slick little studio camera on the backstop. 

For FenceClip this was an exciting and rewarding time working with both organizations.  As a result of the work Mevo and Logitech did over this period of time there are more Mevo Cameras going on backstops today than any other camera.  More Mevo Cameras than Cell Phones! 

The Mevo Start has some good things going for it.  The Start is inexpensive.  It’s a tough and dependable camera.  This cameras durability has been proven on backstops for years. It has more than enough battery to film a game.  Plus, you can attach external power and film all day. It’s a dynamite streaming camera that integrates nicely with everything, all the common streaming platforms, and live scoring tools like GameChanger. 

The Mevo software is the best part of the whole system and it’s free.  The software runs on your phone or an ipad and provides advanced studio camera controls.  The software enables the control of multiple cameras for a dynamic live stream, and it’s all wireless.   You put some Mevo cameras in a room with an iPad and they all connect.  You have a movie studio in a minute.  Mevo continues to develop this software continuously adding significant functionality.  Now you can use phones and other brand cameras in the mevo multicam environment. 

And finally, Mevo cameras are easy.  Everything just works. 


Back Together Again

If you’re interested in using a Mevo Start to stream baseball or softball there is a great price on Amazon, and you can pick up your Mevo Mini at the same time.  This combo is hard to beat.



The Mevo Mini is a Premium Kit and ships with a Safety Tether, Stuff Sack, and Instructions.  This Solid Metal Setup provides a Rock Solid Connection, Easy On and Off, and the whole rig fits in your Jacket Pocket.






Max Haot

If you haven’t kept up with Mevo Founder Max Haot, he’s been busy.  He serves as the CEO of Vast Space in Long Beach, CA, where he leads a team developing artificial gravity space stations.  Vast is planning to launch its Haven-1 commercial space station on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket in 2025.  Max has founded and scaled four companies including Launcher (acquired by Vast), Mevo (acquired by Logitech), and Livestream (acquired by Vimeo).  I expect exciting things ahead for Max Haot and Vast Space.  Check it out.




Thank you for supporting FenceClip. 

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