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Active Cooling Solution

Active Cooling Solution


Active Cooling Solution


Experimental – Kit


You receive the parts shown in the first photo and assemble.  


This is a small fan kit. We put this together for photographers trying to move a little air around a camera. Small and quiet this fan kit utilizes a single 5mm threaded hole in your FenceClip.


We know heat is an issue when filming from a backstop.  All action cameras can overheat when exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period of time.  We’re providing these kits in an effort to keep our customers cameras running on the hottest days.


Shading your camera is strongly recommended.


We offer a shade kit, or you can create your own.  In addition to shade, moving air around the camera can also help keep it cool.  This kit will allow you to quickly get a small fan on your camera.


Kit Includes:

Two Fans

Two Strain Reliefs

Two Ball Mounts with Lock Nuts

New Contoured Stainless Center Link

Five Teflon Socket Connectors


This is a single fan kit with backup parts.  All parts listed are included. You assemble the parts as shown in the photos.  These are small plastic parts and there is no support on this kit.


Before you buy, have a plan.


Confirm you have space available on your FenceClip to mount this kit, it requires a 5mm threaded hole.  Confirm you have an extra power port in your battery. 


In addition to shade and air, experiment with lower resolution and smaller file sizes, save video files more often to minimize camera heat.  Some cameras run cooler on an external battery. 


Position the fan away from your microphone to reduce wind noise.


Fan Assembly Video


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