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Black GT Lug

Black GT Lug


This is the Black GT Lug for GoPro.  With 4x the Torque of a standard gopro screw you can be confident this screw is going to lock up tight.  This Lug is built to last from Steel and Aluminum and is extremely light at 7 grams perfect for light weight go fast applications.  This Lug won the beauty contest for the front of the FenceClip mini. Understated Black GT Lug. M5 x .8 Threads.


If you are a fan of the tool-less nature of GoPro connectors the GT Lug is for you.  Spin tight with one finger; much tighter and much easier than you could secure with a screw.  


The stud is steel and the knob is aluminum, anodized black.  The stud is installed permanently.  This gorgeous part arrives shiny, clean, and individually wrapped.


*Please note the GT Lug does not fit under a action camera case.  We recommend  the Superscrew for under the camera case.  

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