Full Metal Tablet Mount

Full Metal Tablet Mount


This is a beefy all metal Tablet Adapter from Ulanzi.  These are very nice.  At 8 oz. they are heavier than you might think, and when fully open they are quite large.  There is a ¼-20 thread in the base.  The range of the adapter is from 5.25 inches to 9.75 inches. We use these in our tablet rigs mounted on the end of a Positioning Arm.  We recommend anyone attaching a tablet to a backstop also use the safety tether for a second connection. 

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We’re making it easy to get great game video through a chain link fence.  Each fence clip is built to provide reliable performance and durability.  We believe you will enjoy this product and we offer our continued support for the life of the product. Support@TheFenceClip.com   310.658.0922

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