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Heavy Duty for iPad

Heavy Duty for iPad


This is the Heavy Duty for iPad Fence Mount Pro Kit.  


This is our clamp built specifically for iPad on Chain Link fence, everything you need is included.  This setup is turn-key.  The Heavy Duty and Positioning Arm are paired with a large Heavy Duty Tablet Adapter.  This rig supports tablets from 5.25 to 9.75 inches wide.  This is a Solid Metal Setup from the Fence to the Tablet.  Easy to connect.  Easy to adjust.  Small in size, reliable, redundant, and long lasting.  


You should have a good reason to use an iPad on a backstop.  Tablets are both expensive and fragile compared to most other devices.  If you're going to film with your tablet this kit is designed to secure your device and get it done.  Check out this short video to be 2x secure.


This is a Premium Kit and includes the Safety Tether and the Stuff Sack.  


This is our strongest most robust clamp. The ‘Heavy Duty’ securely connects to a chain-link fence in seconds making it easy to Film Baseball and Softball games or any other event filmed through a chain link fence. Built from Stainless Steel and Aluminum, this rig is 100% metal from the Fence to your Tablet.


Fast Installation – On and off the fence in seconds. Smooth sliding components make it very easy to install the clamp.


​Most Secure – This is our most secure device. No contest. Stronger than the Fence.


This device was developed to provide a secure long term connection for heavy cameras. The Heavy Duty is a small clamp, but large enough to span two cells of a fence. This additional length gives the clamp even more resistance to any kind of movement. If you’re connecting a heavy device to a chain link fence, this is the recommended setup.


The Heavy Duty Clamp is  light. Including the Positioning Arm the whole unit weighs 11 oz as shipped. The wire frame almost disappears on the fence.


​Giant Grooves – Larger fence grooves than any prior device. This unit fits all fences from the smallest fence openings to the largest and any wire diameter.


​Positioning Arm Included – The Heavy Duty includes our Heavy Duty Positioning Arm. The arm provides the ultimate in camera positioning flexibility. This is a complete an elegant solution ready for your Tablet.


Durability – 100% Metal Construction. Solid Aluminum Machined Components on a Stainless Wire Body. This is a solid, well built, smooth operating device that will last a long time.


Tactile feel – This design provides paddle knobs and thumb detents for easy handling. The whole device is smooth and solid and feels good in your hands. This is professional equipment.


Compatible – Heavy Duty is compatible with all of the adapters available in the store and works well with any camera gear.


Expandable - The Heavy Duty has Twelve Threaded holes in the Mount Plate.  You can add Positioning Arms and Cameras (devices) as required.  Support for your future plans is included.


Fit and Finish – The pictures tell the story. Every part is perfect.  Get Great Game Video.


    Buy with confidence.  If you are not completely satisfied with the fenceclip you can return it for a full refund.

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