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Mini Ratchet + Security Drivers

Mini Ratchet + Security Drivers


This little quarter inch hex drive ratchet kit is precisely what is required to install a SwingVision Mount or any equipment with T25 and T27 Security Fasteners.  Kit includes both T25 and T27 'Pin In Torx' Drivers to fit all fasteners on the SwingVision Mount.  If you buy 10+ SwingVision Mounts at once we include this kit for free.




Loosen the Screw in the Sliding Groove Block and open the FenceClip wide enough to fit over a cell of the fence.  Check the last photo for more detail.


With the Cell Phone Adapter facing up (screw on top as shown) squeeze the FenceClip around the fence tightly.  Use one hand to squeeze the groove blocks together on the fence wires while you tighten the screw in the sliding groove block with the Security Driver.


You have two security drivers with your kit.  The smaller driver T25 is for the smaller screws.  The larger driver T27 is for the 2 larger screws.  A nice small ratchet is included with the kit.  Keep the tools for changes. Replacements are available at


Official Guidance is available from SwingVision at:


Congratulations, your Courts are ready for AI based video analysis, just like the pros. Download the SwingVision app from the Apple App Store!



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