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Passive Cooling Solution

Passive Cooling Solution


Passive Cooling Solution


It’s hot on the BackStop in the Dog Days of Summer.  Hot enough at some tournaments to stop an action camera.  It can be essential to have shade and cooling for your camera. 


We wanted to deliver something Light Weight, Low Cost, and Easy to Use.  A solution that would work with everything.


This is a light weight plastic and paper solution.  We didn’t design the plastic parts, we borrowed them from the retail industry.  We added the small Stainless Ball Screw and Jam Nut to allow our customers to integrate this Shade Solution with their existing gear.


Other than the Ball Screws these cooling solutions are disposable.  With each kit we ship 3x of all the Plastic Parts and 2x of the Paper Parts as shown in the first two photos.  We’re employing a spares strategy. 


If anything breaks you have a backup, and one more after that.  If you break everything, you can pick up another kit or implement a glue and tape strategy.  You can also combine the kits to develop your own solutions like we did in some of the photos. 


This is a Paper and Plastic kit so you can modify it to meet your needs.  You can punch holes, cut slots, fold any which way, add rubberbands, and tape to the edges, etc.   Check out the photos.


This is our first Cooling Solution.  Our plan is to iterate and improve as we move forward.  Expect slight changes.  Please share your feedback at 


We will share related information on this site and on Facebook. 

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