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Positioning Arm

Positioning Arm


This Positioning Arm offers unlimited fine adjustment and locks up tight with one knob.    Highest Quality.  Rock Solid.  This Arm is six inches long and built to bolt right into your FenceClip.  The other end provides a nice ¼-20 connection.  Everything is Stainless Steel and Aluminum.  Try it, you’ll like it.  


The Positioning Arm comes with a Thumb Nut and Hex Nut on each end as shown in the first photo.


If you are adding a Positioning Arm to your FenceClip you can remove the GoPro Key and GoPro Screws, you dont need them for the Positioning Arm.  Thread the small end of the Positioning Arm directly into the FenceClip Mount Plate like in the photos.  Use a Jam Nut and Wrench to lock it up tight.  


The Positioning Arm has 5 mm (smaller) threads on one end.  Attach this end to the FenceClip. 


Attach the 1/4 inch end of the Positioning Arm to your Camera.



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