Premium Cell Phone Adapter

Premium Cell Phone Adapter


This is a high quality Cell Phone Adapter.  This adapter has a screw that secures the clip on your phone.  The range of the adapter is 2.25 to 3.75 inches.  The adapter is standard GoPro and fits nicely into the FenceClip.  This is our recommended Cell Phone Solution.  


There are times when you dont want to film a whole game; maybe you just want a couple At Bats.  Its great to to have the option of using your cell phone to film.  I find I get some of my best video on my cell phone.  Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, Periscope; all good reasons to be able to secure your phone on a fence and capture game action.

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We’re making it easy to get great game video through a chain link fence.  Each fence clip is built to provide reliable performance and durability.  We believe you will enjoy this product and we offer our continued support for the life of the product.   310.658.0922

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