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Safety Tether Kit

Safety Tether Kit


This kit includes two safety tethers.


This is a separate second system of attachment.  Great protection and low cost.  


The Safety Tether is a simple inexpensive solution for attaching items securely to a Chain Link Fence.


The Safety Tether includes a caribiner on each end with a short nylon strap between, a plastic anchor, 3M VHB tape, and a key ring.


Safety Tethers provide a separate redundant system of attachment. The FenceClip is rock solid and secure, the Safety Tether provides a loose and secure connection. The two separate systems of attachment ensure your camera equipment is as safe as possible.


We recommend the safety tether for redundant attachment of your FenceClip to the Fence.  The safety tether can be used to attach a cell phone case, GoPro case, or battery to a chain link fence.  The 3M VHB tape will stick to anything flat and clean.  Attaching one end to your cell phone case will keep an expensive device off the ground.  Its well worth it.  


The safety tethers are also useful for securing any equipment quickly on a fence.  Batteries, switches, cables, any electronics.  Also handy for game gear, clip boards, banners.  The tethers provide quick On-and-Off for anything that requires secure and flexible attachment to a chain link fence.

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