The Fence Clip


Backstop Camera Mount

Attach your video camera or cell phone to a chain-link fence and get excellent game video.

We’re making it easy.

NetCam from FenceClip filming Softball
Stalker Radar on FenceClip for Baseball
netcam and gopro filming baseball umpire
Mevo on NetCam for Streaming Softball
Backstop Mount for Camera to Stream Baseball
mevo on mini on fence



The mini precisely engages with two parallel wires of the fence.  A thumb screw is tightened to lock the clip in place.  The connection is very solid.

The mini is fast and easy to attach and provides a secure connection point for cameras and phones to video a baseball or softball game, or any other event viewed through a fence.  

The mini is a professional piece of camera equipment capable of strong mechanical attachment to a chain link fence.



Best Fence Camera Mount

Everything you need is included; Ready for your camera

Lug locks the mini in place fast, secure, and easy

Rugged construction from Aluminum, 

Stainless steel and Brass; precision machined.

How to video youth softball

The fence clip is small; It fits in your pocket.  


The fence clip is fast and easy to install. 


The fence clip will fit fences of any size opening.

BackStop Camera Mount