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Photographers Umbrella

Heat can be a problem. It can be hot enough at some tournaments to stop electronics and cameras.  Shade helps a lot. For 2024 we added a small backstop umbrella to the Passive Cooling Kit. This little umbrella has a flat grey-silver material on the outside like a photography scrim. Not shiny silver or bright white, a couple shades darker so it diffusely rejects light and heat without offering a bright reflection.

The Umbrella is easy to hang on the Fence, Net, or Camera.

The inside is Cool and Black. The dark color inside makes it easier to see your camera screen on a sunny day. No fence in the Shot!

Game On - The Umbrella on a Heavy Duty for Cell Phone

Link to the Shade Kit.

The FenceClip, Camera, Shade, Battery, and Cable all fit in a jacket pocket.

This is professional photography gear.

More details in the following Video

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