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The Collar Mount for Mevo Start

This machined aluminum mount kit opens up a number of use cases for the Mevo Start. The Collar Mount is a two-piece aluminum assembly screwed together around your camera. It's rock solid. This mount has quarter inch and five-millimeter threaded holes all over it so you can add accessories.

The Collar Mount is an essential vlogging attachment for the Mevo Start with the ability to add handles, lights, batteries, electronics, shoes, or any other complimentary photography gear.

You can gang the Collar Mounts on a Mevo Start and add 15 mm Connectors and your Mevo Start can connect to the world of 15mm Photography Rod. We highlight some of the use cases here but there is too much to list.

We typically add our logo on FenceClip gear. In this case we wanted this mount to be able to go anywhere a Mevo Start might go so there are no marks. I hope customers appreciate the clean look.

The Collar Mount is ideal for Baseball and Softball providing a solid metal connection for your Mevo Start and easy attachment to any FenceClip Device.

FenceClip Heavy Duty

Available Here.

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