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Collar Mount for Mevo Start

Collar Mount for Mevo Start


The Collar Mount for Mevo Start.  This machined aluminum mount kit opens up a number of use cases for the Mevo Start.  The Collar Mount is a two-piece aluminum assembly screwed together around your camera.  The Mount provides a rock-solid connection.  This mount has quarter inch and five-millimeter threaded holes all over it for accessories. 


The Collar Mount is ideal for Baseball and Softball providing a solid metal connection for your Mevo Start and easy attachment to any FenceClip Device.


Parts and Installation.  You receive the mount halves, bolts, and the allen wrench as shown in the first photo.  The clamp is metal and your camera is plastic so carefully install the Collar Mount on your camera until you achieve a sufficient grip.  Don’t squeeze the camera tighter than necessary.  When you get it snug, push and pull, do some testing, and adjust from there.  You will figure it out.  The gap at the top between the clamp halves and the gap at the bottom should be the same size when you’re done. 


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