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Pro Quarter Twenty Adapter Kit

Pro Quarter Twenty Adapter Kit


This is a high strength, high quality GoPro to 1/4-20 Adapter Kit.  This is our best setup for attaching quarter twenty to GoPro.  This kit includes everything you need to connect your quarter twenty device to the universe of GoPro connectors.  This is all metal, no plastic, very solid.  This kit is upgraded.


This kit includes:


Pro Quarter Twenty Adapter

Tactical Pro Arm

Tiny Screw

Pro Allen Wrench

1/4-20 one piece Stainless screw


Its very easy to attach your camera.  For a standard Camcorder body you will probably only need the Adapter (not the Arm).  I always recommend using as few components as possible.  If you can take a link out do it!  


The Brass thumb screw has been replaced by a beautiful solid one piece Stainless Steel fastener with a straight knurl.  The thumb screw is secured in place with a clip. The Adapter and the Arm are aluminum parts machined from billet.  The tiny screw is steel with a brass knob.  Everything is very strong and works very well together.  This is a very nice GoPro to Quarter Twenty Adapter Kit.


We updated this kit to include an extra 1/4-20 screw for use with the FenceClip camera adapter.  Also included a nice T-Handle allen wrench and a couple allen screws.



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