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Desktop Backstop

Desktop Backstop


Desktop Backstop - Executive Model - Styled from Oak and Steel and beautifully appointed. 


At your desk or on your workbench.  This hand-made oak and steel desktop fence makes a handsome addition.  The Chain Link Fence is real rubber coated Backstop Fence.  The overall size of the Executive Desktop Fence is 18 inches tall by 15 inches wide.  Sized to fit nicely on a busy action photographers’ desktop. 


Your friends are going to ask “What is That?”.   I don’t think this is for everyone.  We don’t all need a small Backstop on our desk.  For me it was a matter of saving the time to walk down to the field to test a camera at the closest backstop, then take two minutes to check my setup, and walk back home.  Wouldn’t it be nice if I had a real backstop fence right on my desk?


If you film baseball and softball you may also find yourself wanting to test your setup without a trip to the ballfield.  This little fence allows for that real world planning in the convenience of your own home. 


This desktop fence is plenty big enough to test multiple setups at the same time.  I've had three camera setups and an external battery configured on this little fence at once and there was room for more.  If you run out of space there is plenty of room on the back. 


This is a made to order item.  These are hand made with the character of workmanship you would expect in hand made goods.  You will not find a nicer desktop fence.  If one day we make a lot of these, the character of these originals will be smoothed out and for better or worse it will be lost.

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