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Metal Mount Kit for GoPro

Metal Mount Kit for GoPro


CoolScrews Metal Mounting Solution for your GoPro.  This kit provides all of our full metal mounting options.


The Kit includes everything in the first image


ThunderBolt - Extra Large GoPro Screw

SuperScrew - Large GoPro Screw

Mini Screw - Mini GoPro Screw

2x Button Head Allen Screws

Executive Allen Wrench

Pro Key - GoPro Mount

Pro Lock - GoPro Pinned Tab


Threads on all listed parts are M5 x .8


This gear locks up rock solid.  Our gear looks different because it is different.  All metal and better by design.  These parts are 10x stronger than plastic parts.  This kit includes 1000 Year Screws.  Tightly secure your camera with professional tools.


Its been said that the ThunderBolt is the only screw on Earth that fits the GoPro Media Mod Case.  We can only confirm that this champion of screws works beautifully with the Media Mod.  The knob extends beyond the camera body providing a nice easy grip to lock this critical connection.  Perfect fit, complimentary contours, large fully availalbe knurled barrel.  Other screws get lost under the Media Mod.


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