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NetCam for 1/4-20

NetCam for 1/4-20


NetCam Camera Mount for Mevo


Your Mevo Camera goes on, Turn-Key.  Nothing else required.


Great for Net And Fence.


To film from a Net Backstop the camera mount has to be strong and light and it has to be completely smooth so you don’t damage the net.  The mount has to be capable of supporting any camera and it has to be easy to use.  The NetCam Camera Mount for Mevo will support any 1/4-20 standard mount camera.


The NetCam is a computer formed Stainless Steel Round Bar frame welded to a stainless steel Camera Mounting Tab.  The roundbar is thin, 3 mm in Diameter, not invisible, but not blocking the view either and very strong.  In addition to the stainless steel frame the NetCam includes our heavy duty Positioning Arm providing unlimited options for Camera and Lens Position.  


The NetCam includes two FenceClip Bungee Cords, purpose designed to provide a soft spring force for this application.   We also include a Safety Tether, Stuff Sack, and Allen Wrench with every NetCam.  This is a complete kit to get your camera on a Net or Fence Backstop and start filming. 


The Bumper is a machined, adjustable cross brace for the NetCam.  Its loaded with threaded holes and can be adjusted to support your requirements.  The last photo shows the Bumper supporting the Shade.


Your camera weighs about 9 ounces.  The NetCam Mount will support larger cameras but our recommendation for the sake of the net is to keep the camera weight under a pound. 


The NetCam Camera Mount is designed to work on Net Backstops and Chain Link Fence.  Customers have proven this camera mount in the field.  Very easy to use, and works everywhere.


Fit and Finish – Every part is perfect. The photos tell the story.  High quality machined Stainless Steel parts providing a solid steel connection to the Backstop.


Mini NetCam Kit for Mevo Includes –


NetCam Camera Mount

Positioning Arm 


Safety Tether

Qty 2 – FenceClip Bungees

Stuff Sack

Allen Wrench



This elegant solution is a significant step forward in every regard for filming from a Net Backstop (And Chain Link Fence).  


    Buy with confidence.  If you are not completely satisfied with the fenceclip you can return it for a full refund.

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