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Post Mount for iPad

Post Mount for iPad


The Post Mount is a magnetic camera mount capable of strong physical attachment to a Steel Backstop Post.  The Positioning Arm allows you to flexibly position any camera for a perfect view through the fence.


This is our recommended solution for iPad on Chain Link fence, everything you need is included.  This setup is turn-key.  The Post Mount is paired with a large Heavy Duty Tablet Adapter.  This rig supports tablets from 5.25 to 9.75 inches wide.  This Solid Metal Setup avoids the Fence completely attaching to an adjacent post.  Easy to connect.  Easy to adjust, reliable, redundant, and long lasting.  


You should have a good reason to use an iPad on a backstop.  Tablets are both expensive and fragile compared to most other devices.  If you're going to film with your tablet this kit is designed to secure your device and get it done.  Check out this short video to be 2x secure.


This is a Premium Kit and includes the Safety Tether and the Stuff Sack. 


Faster – On and off in seconds.

Secure – Solid Metal, the device locks up tight.  


Tactile feel – The whole device is smooth and solid and feels good in your hand.  This is professional equipment. 


Compatible – The Post Mount is compatible with all of the adapters available in the store and works well with any action camera gear.


Fit and Finish – Every part is perfect. 


This elegant clamp is a significant step forward in every regard.   Get Great Game Film.


    Buy with confidence.  If you are not completely satisfied with the fenceclip you can return it for a full refund.

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