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SwingVision Secure CellPhone Fence Mount

SwingVision Secure CellPhone Fence Mount




This device goes on with Security Drivers.  You need the ratchet kit to install and remove this clamp.


This clamp is for permanent installation, you use a wrench to install it.  


If you want to quickly install and remove your equipment select the 'Heavy Duty for Cell Phone' from the Store.  Link Below.


SwingVision is an exceptional new AI based tennis tool that runs on your iPhone and provides game changing insights previously unavailable.  Tennis Clubs are using this equipment to provide cellphone mounts for Members using SwingVision.  


We designed this setup with the SwingVision Team for semi-permanent installation at a Tennis Court. 


The Fence Clip - US Patent US9696610B2, is professional camera equipment capable of strong mechanical attachment to a chain link fence.  The clip precisely engages with two parallel wires of the fence providing a secure and easy to use connection point for phones.  This setup includes tamper resistant pin-in-torx fasteners at all connections.  You install this equipment and it stays in place until you move it. 

The fence clip is manufactured from the highest quality materials, crafted for usability and durability. 


    Buy with confidence.  If you are not completely satisfied with the fenceclip you can return it for a full refund.

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