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FenceClip Configuration - Support Any Device, Get Great Game Film

Here we are deep into baseball season.  We hope everyone is enjoying the action.  At FenceClip, we're committed to supporting your passion for great game film with reliable equipment capable of capturing those unforgettable moments.  We get to talk to a lot of sports action photographers this time of year and we’re grateful for the opportunity to support your efforts.

One of the topics our customers inquire about is switching from one camera to another.  This is a quick video to demonstrate typical modifications and provide some pointers. 

FenceClip gear can support any device. Configuring for different cameras is fast and easy, all you need is a wrench. In this video we demonstrate converting between some common camera setups.

FenceClip Heavy Duty and iPhone

There are a number of reasons to switch devices. Different cameras offer different advantages. It’s good to have equipment that is easily configurable. This applies to the Heavy Duty, the NetCam, and the Post Mount. This instruction is for any FenceClip device with a Positioning Arm.

Links to the equipment described in video:

Many FenceClips and Positioning Arms came with this flat black thumb nut. These are available in the store and can optionally be used under your camera.  Use either the Thumb Nut or the Hex Nut, don’t use both.

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