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Paper Shades

Updated: May 22

FenceClips ship with Paper Shades.

We’ve added paper shades to every FenceClip Kit.

It gets hot on the BackStop. Hot enough to stop an action camera. It can be essential to have shade and cooling for your camera. We wanted to deliver something Light Weight and Easy to Use that works for Everything. This is more of a project than a product.

Paper shades can be fit to any camera. Get some scissors and channel your inner Eagle Scout. Fit a custom shade for your setup. Our shade material is similar to a playing card. You may already have thin cardboard and plastic available. I still have paper shades in my bag from my last camera, maybe 5 years old. They still make excellent shade. I call them ‘seasoned’.

There are unlimited options with a Paper Shade and that’s good because your situation may be unique. For instance, sometimes the sun is hitting the front of the camera, bearing down on the face. A paper shade solves this problem and many others.

You can trim and shape the paper shade to tightly fit your camera. The scissors, pencil, hole punch, and ruler are the tools of the trade. Rubber bands and tape secures things nicely.

We believe these paper shades will be enough for most situations, if you need more we offer the Passive Cooling Kit and the Active Cooling Kit in our Store.

There are specific actions you can take with your camera to reduce overheating. For instance, reducing the video resolution typically reduces the operating temperature. Saving your video more often can reduce operating temperature as your camera doesn’t have to maintain a giant file in memory. Some cameras run cooler on an external battery. Check the user group for your camera.

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I hope you're getting great game film


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