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Special Pricing on the Post Mount at

The Post Mount is a Professional Camera Mount ideal for filming Baseball through a Nylon Net or Chain Link Fence.  With both Net and Fence Backstops hanging on Steel Posts this setup works everywhere.  The Post Mount is a magnetic mount capable of strong physical attachment.  The Positioning Arm allows you to flexibly position any camera for a perfect view through the fence or net and get Great Game Film. -->

The Post Mount has been our most successful product.  Everything works as you would expect.  Attaching to a Post gets your device off the fence.  Sports Action Photographers have found it easy to get great game film with no fence in the shot. 

We have thousands of active users and the feedback on the Post Mount has been extremely positive.  We’re on the second version of the Post Mount now and we took the opportunity to make some minor improvements. As a result the Post Mount is even more robust.

For these reasons we’ve decided to add the Post Mount to the FenceClip Store at  Like the other FenceClip products listed on Amazon were being as aggressive as possible.  We want to keep our customers in the loop as we move in this direction.  If you are considering a Post Mount this listing on Amazon is the best deal available. 



Here’s the Ask.  Please leave a five-star rating.  If you enjoy the Post Mount take a couple photos at the Field and share them along with some positive feedback on your amazon order.  It only takes a minute and apparently its is like gold at Amazon.  At least that’s what they say.  If you have any issues with the Post Mount we’re here to help.


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