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Mini and Hero12 at

Thank You FenceClip Customers!  We’ve been at it together since 2013 working to get great game video through a backstop.  Thank you for trusting us with your game film and camera.  Our mission is to support our customers and continuously work to make it easier, cheaper, and more reliable to get baseball and softball video. 

FenceClip has been awarded four patents.  The patents offer some protection, but not enough to secure our position in the market without going toe-to-toe with our offshore rivals.  As a result of these competitive pressures and after long and careful consideration we have decided to launch FenceClip Products on Amazon.

We’re starting on Amazon with the FenceClip Mini.  The Mini is our Flagship Mount for GoPro with thousands of customers getting great game film.  The mini + gopro fits nicely in your jacket pocket.  On and off the fence in seconds.  This solid metal clamp locks up tight. The Mini is perfect for Hero12.

We’re leaning in and being as aggressive as possible on Amazon.  We want to keep our customers in the loop as we move in this direction.  In the event you are considering a FenceClip Mini this listing on Amazon is the best deal we’ve ever offered. 



If you purchase a Mini on Amazon, please provide a five-star review.  If you’ve had a good experience with your FenceClip please share your story. 

We started this post expressing gratitude and would like to end the same way.  Positive word of mouth is the best support a small company can hope for from customers.  If you’ve ever found yourself at a game telling another parent “It’s a FenceClip” we are grateful for your support.  Thank You FenceClip Customers!  We are here to support you and we hope you’re getting great game film.



Initial review of Hero12


GoPro Hero12 on Amazon

FenceClip Mini on Amazon


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