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Hero12 and the Mini

Hero12 is a solid baseball game film and live streaming camera. I expect a high-quality product and great software with GoPro gear and this camera does not disappoint.

Many times, updates to the GoPro line don’t necessarily help those of us filming baseball and softball. That’s not the case with this camera. One significant improvement for Hero12 is the thermal resilience of the camera. Testing shows that the Hero12 can operate in much hotter environments than the Hero11. This is important on the backstop.

GoPro also helped themselves out by shipping Hero12 with a standard ¼-20 thread in the bottom of the camera. You still have the fold out aluminum tabs GoPro is known for but now you also have access to the universe of standard camera mount equipment. It's about time. I expect new use cases will follow for gopro.

The Hero12 is a perfect match with the FenceClip Mini. They are made for one another. The mini is smaller than the camera. The whole setup fits in your jacket pocket. Solid Metal, Rock Solid Connection, Fast On and Off. The mini kit is turn key and comes with everything you need including a Safety Tether, a Stuff Sack, Paper Shade, and Instructions. We’re making it easy to get Great Game Film.

I recently had the opportunity to do some field testing. I set everything up at home. I like to run the camera from my cellphone using the gopro app so I start there and get comfortable. Then I took it to the field. Attach it to the backstop and turn it on. Linear FOV provided the tight view of the field I prefer. That’s it for my quick setup. Get some Game Film. Make adjustments as I move forward. Photos include the Media Mod Case, some Bolts, and an External USB Battery.

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